The Bodyguard Device


Rent a Bodyguard Device: Upon completion of the measurement, you will send the device back to 1 change in order for us to be able to upload the results. Once the data has been uploaded, you will get a comprehensive and accurate stress vs recovery report

To understand and work with your Report, you will get a debrief with a 1 change certified expert. The outcome of the session is typically for you to integrate 2-3 new routines in your life that can help you to further build your resilience and capacity in all aspects of life.

In the past 8 years, 1 change has offered the Bodyguard Device to 5000+ Executives, Leaders, Talents and Employees in 40 global organizations.

Here are the typical challenges we see from high performing corporate individuals that have been wearing the Bodyguard Device for 3-7 days:

  • Too much access to devices before bedtime
  • Not enough daytime recovery
  • Long working hours with too much stress
  • More than 2 units of alcohol in the evening
  • Less than 7-8 hours of sleep every night
  • Not enough physical movements
  • Too much stress at home