We offer different learning formats, that help organizations design impactful
development journeys according to their needs, time, and budget.



The 1 Change Platform can be rolled out as a company-wide digital initiative or customized to
specific groups of leaders and employees.

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Invest in your professional and personal growth and become your best self.
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We offer special Corporate Bundles: Combine the 1 Change Platform with our in-person resilience
programs, workshops, webinars, executive coaching, unique tracking devices, and 360

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Resilience Programs

Our Resilience Programs are designed for companies who want to increase resilience and capacity for their leaders and employees in all aspects of their life – one change at a time. The 3 to 12 months programs are designed and co-created in collaboration with our clients. They encompass pre-work assessments, live-training, and follow-up to ensure a lasting impact.

We often integrate the Resilience Programs into existing leadership development programs to ensure a long-term focus on both professional and personal development

Leadership retreats

The Leadership Retreats are designed for executives and leaders to build a sustainable high performance team that consistently can deliver great results while at the same time being leadership role models for the rest of the organisation.

We co-create the Leadership Retreats with our clients. Each retreat typically last from 2 to 5 days, where we bring together the best team of trainers and experts to facilitate the experience. All retreats are held at selected retreat centers in gorgeous and secluded nature in Europe, the US or Asia.

Impact Programs

These action-oriented leadership programs combine social impact with leadership development and business innovation. We place executives, managers or talents in short-term projects in emerging markets, where they work for 1-2 weeks in collaboration with local businesses, NGO’s and educational institutions to build sustainable solutions for communities.

With the Impact Program companies can meet their social impact goals while at the same time offering their most talented people to build unique leadership capacity that helps them to perform and thrive better.


Our workshops are either delivered as a stand-alone or as a part of our Resilience Program. Each workshop can last from 2 hours to 2 days and is often designed around our Resilience Model and the 12 holistic journeys.

We are known for delivering experiential, and action-based workshops, where participants are highly engaged and involved in the experience as we take them through our different resilience modules.

The design of our workshops always includes pre-work and follow-up to give participants the opportunity to identify and integrate new healthy habits into their lives.

executive coaching

Our coaching packages are offered to executives, leaders and talents who wish to achieve goals faster and breakthrough in challenging areas of their professional or personal life.

Each coaching session lasts 75 minutes. Our certified coaches have at least 10 years of experience with coaching individuals in high performance organisations.

Our methodology is known for being highly efficient. It includes mentoring and guidance to ensure maximum insight and value from each session.

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Resilience 360 Test

The Resilience 360 Test is a proprietary assessment tool developed by 1 Change. It measures your level of resilience within Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit. The test consists of your own evaluation as well as feedback from your managers, colleagues, friends and family.

You will receive a 40+ pages report as well as a 60-minute individual debrief with one of our coaches to identify your areas of strengths and potential for growth and development.

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the bodyguard device

The Bodyguard Device is used by high performance leaders and world class athletes. It measures your heart rate variability and monitors stress reactions, recovery and exercise. Through this accurate and reliable method for assessing your lifestyle you will gain the insights to optimize your performance.

You will wear the Bodyguard for up to seven days in a row, to see how various lifestyle factors affect your well-being and health. You will receive a comprehensive Bodyguard Report together with a 60-minute debrief session being with one of our coaches.

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